Examples Of Censorship In Fahrenheit 451

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Luke Robinson Mrs. Morgan English 4 4/30/2018 Censorship in Ray Bradbury’s novel “Fahrenheit 451” Books, poems, and other literature works alike get your mind out of the shadows. They get you thinking and sometimes your mind can be a powerful weapon. Weapons on a global scale can be a dangerous thing and often countries ban these tools of destruction for fear that they could hurt the population. Through the use of figurative language and satire, Ray Bradbury in his novel Fahrenheit 451 presents his readers with a dystopia based on censorship, similar to how weapons are banned. Fahrenheit 451 is During the time when Ray Bradbury was creating Fahrenheit 451 the cold war was occuring. Fahrenheit 451 shows a lot of the prevailing anxieties of …show more content…

These are hinted by the theme and tone as the setting is in a dystopian society were the people themselves have outlawed books thus putting their own censorship up, similar to the U.S and Russia during The Cold War. Ray Bradbury shows hints at how censorship has consumed the daily lives of the American People by writing the thoughts of a female character Clarisse an unusual sort of person in the bookless, “perfect” society. She states school sums up to the teachers feeding answers to the students similar to milk to a newborn. Clarisse states “students are being force-fed ideas and beliefs that those in authority want them to believe and stick to.”(Hiner) She sees that students never ask questions and dig deeper into discussions and questions to create their own beliefs and thoughts about the world around them. . Those in authority positions do not want individual thoughts that lead to actions that could threaten their learning, similar to weapons in a rebelling society. She believes that the schools advise the younger generation what to think and lecture them what the truth is, regardless of whether it isn't that. The students are expected to listen,

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