Examples Of Characterization In Fahrenheit 451

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Ignorance kills everything and everybody in this book. You can tell this in how everything is run from the government down. They let the people who are stupid drive cars out of control. The most stupid part of this government is they don't like it when people try to educate themselves and try to do something with their life. They burn the things that will keep the people from turning into living moving vegetables. Books are the things that the government is scared of, people that are smart can figure things out the more they can figure things then they can find loop holes then find ways around things. That would just cause big problems. The government just wants a bunch of people that can't do anything without someone's help. That is what is …show more content…

At the very beginning he isn't the smartest person in this society, but he changes. Once he sees that people are smart he wants to be like them. He has an epiphany, when he meets clarisse he thoughts change. What I mean by that is he starts to become more social and becomes more aware. In the middle of the book he starts to read poems and starts to read more books. He also keeps one of the books from one of the houses that he was suppose to be burning. Another big example of his sudden realisation of books is when that guy wants to burned alive with his books. What I am trying to say is all of these examples are causing Montag to become the smart “diffrent” person in this society. This secret group that Montag joins is the ones that are holding all of the books, they love to read and try to save all of the books that they can. That is there main goal to protect all of the books they know that one day they will be …show more content…

If you think about this books as a whole everything about it is censored.The Merriam Webster Dictionary states that censorship is stopping the transmission or publication of matter considered objectionable. The government in this book does a great job at keeping everyone happy, the one way to do that is to not give them two options to choose from. They choose to censor them from the information that may cause the biggest conflicts between people. Another way that the government controls the people is by destroying the books. That causes people to keep her happy thoughts and to keep them from having to think of all of the bad things that happened to them. Instead of reading that watch fast moving content on there wall sized tv sets and listen to “ Sea- Shell Radio” which is already plugged into their ears. This radio station keep them from getting mad. On the very first page is says “It was a pleasure to burn” it grabbed my attention it also says that the main goal of the firemen in this book is to burn, not to extinguish them. All of this Censorship leads to the ignorance of all the people in this

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