Examples Of Chivalry In Excalibur

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Medieval Chivalry
(A discussion on Chivalry Found in Excalibur)

Today chivalry is mostly referred to in regards to how a man treats a woman. Many of this generation believe chivalry to be a synonym for courtesy. This is because the true definition has been lost over time as it was first used in the medieval times. Chivalry is the combination of qualities expected of an ideal knight, especially courage, honor, courtesy, justice, and a readiness to help the weak. So not only does it include courtesy, as we understand it today, but includes other honorable qualities. As chivalry is in reference to an ideal knight, it makes sense that we can identify this quality throughout the film Excalibur. This film is set in medieval times following the …show more content…

Soon after Arthur is pronounced king, many of the knights are outraged at the meer squiers sudden claim to the throne. Only one knight, Sir Leondegrance, stands by Arthur's side, accepting and defending his title as king. After Arthur receives word that Sir Leondegrances castle is under a siege led by Sir Uryens, he retreats back out of the woods and rushes to help his one loyal friend. Quickly after Arthur's arrival he comes face to face with Sir Uryens, gaining the upper hand and placing Sir Uryens in a vulnerable position with the excalibur at his throat.Sir Uryens vows to never serve Arthur because he’s no king, merely a squier. At this point Arthur had the power to kill Sir Uryens and demand respect through violence and force. Instead, Arthur hands over the sword of power to his enemy and drops to his knees asking to be knighted. Arthur understood he needed to respect the authority of the knights. Sir Uryens pauses, clearly considering murdering the new king, but instead knights Arthur and then falls to his knees himself. Sir Uryens then promises to take Arthur as his king and to serve and protect him. Arthur showed courage not only by so willingly and without hesitation coming to the aid of Sir Leondegrances even though it was dangerous, but by handing over the sword to his enemy. He honoured Sir Uryens position and was courteous of his feeling and therefore showed …show more content…

When Arthur arrives to a bridge we wishes to cross, Lancelot proclaims that he will not alter his position until he is defeated in combat. To this point Lancelot has never been beaten. Immediately we know Lancelot is brave, as we learn he has never backed down, run, or even lost a fight. Arthur receives his challenge and the two begin their battle with a joust. After Arthur is removed from his horse by Lancelot, the two initiate a dual using swords. The two agree to battle to the death, both agreeing to honor the result of the battle. Lancelot bests Arthur, showing his obvious skills as a swordsman. Arthur calls on the power of the excalibur and is able in the end to overcome Lancelot, breaking the sword in the process. Arthur relies his flaws and his sword is restored and returned. Lancelot then awakens and Arthur is glad he alive. Lancelot shows chivalry at this point by honoring Arthur as the winner of the dual. Lancelot pledges his allegiance to Arthur for his victory. Lancelot obviously embodies chivalry through his value of honor and

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