How Is King Arthur A Good Leader

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Was King Arthur a favorable leader in his time of ruling? In King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table by Roger Lancelyn Green, Arthur is a strong leader because he shows bravery, loyalty, and chivalry which are all trates an excellent leader should have. King Arthur is a brave king because he was who pulled the Excalibur from its stone, not any other knight nor king. He had to step up and become a leader without any notice and that takes bravery and strength. “(...)Without stopping to read what was written on the stone, Arthur pulled out the sword at a touch(…)” (p.7). Arthur was never afraid to go into battle if that 's what was best for his Kingdom, Britain. “ To-morrow we will begin to collect our forces,’ said King Arthur. ‘And …show more content…

All of you, and those who shall sit afterwards at this Table, are the Knights of Logres, and for the glory of Logres, the Realm of Righteousness, do not ever depart from the high virtues of this realm. Do no outrage nor murder nor any cruel or wicked thing; fly from treason and all untruthfulness and dishonest dealing; give mercy unto those that seek it - or sit no more at this Table. And always give all the help in your power to ladies and damsels, go out to succour gentlewomen and widows, turn from all else to right any wrong done to any women in the world - and never, on pain of death and eternal disgrace, do you any ill thing to a women, or suffer it to be done. Nor, for love or gain, fight in any quarrel that is not just and righteous. To these things you must swear upon to be Blessed Sacrament(...)” (p.61-62). Chivalry was a big rule and King Arthur firmly believed in it, making him a fair yet strong ruler and a great guy in general. King Arthur proves he 's a brave leader because he would risk anything for his Country, a loyal leader because he only has affection for Guenevere, and a chivalrous leader because he counts everyone as equal and is willing to help anyone in need. King Arthur was the greatest ruler in medieval times known to

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