Civil Disobedience In Mohandas K. Gandhi's On Nonviolent Resistance

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Civil Disobedience What is civil disobedience? What does it do? Why is it important? Is it a right thing? These few questions might pop into one 's head when they hear civil disobedience. This topic is highly debatable and different people might have different opinions. People who have suffered from some form of injustice may define civil disobedience differently from others. By definition, civil disobedience is the refusal to comply with specific laws or to pay taxes and fines, as a peaceful form of political protest. This is important because this is when one fights through a problem without physically hurting someone. Let 's look at some examples of civil disobedience in history, "The Declaration of Independence" by Thomas Jefferson,…show more content…
Gandhi. Gandhi uses the terminology of either smashing someones head or getting your own smashed. Gandhi explains the different methods of approaching injustice. One being the violent way, which hurts everyone and causes more trouble than before. The other one is more towards fighting for what 's right, without the fear of abuse or injuries. Gandhi argument in this section of the article is that, deal with things peacefully, because it won 't cause any other problem. Gandhi is basically promoting the idea of peaceful non-violent protest, which promotes the idea of…show more content…
All of these people attempted to utilize the concept of civil disobedience to fix an issue, without involving a fight. Even though, if one group of people believe in peaceful protest, the opposing party may not. Like Gandhi said, to accomplish this, one must prepare himself to take abuse. These people have shown the world that things can be fixed without a conflict. Sometimes making the best choice may feel wrong, but surpassing that, and taking a huge step to bring change, makes you a true hero. If one don 't do things differently from others, this world will never see a
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