Examples Of Conflict In A Lesson Before Dying

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In the novel A lesson before dying, by Earnest Gaines, it introduces the conflict (execution) that its main character, Jefferson gets himself into at the young age of 21.The problem leads him and his community to face recognizing injustice and facing responsibility. Through the conflict Jefferson takes on responsibility from the execution, encourage, and realizes that it is nothing he can do but deal with the execution not alone, but with his community as well. Jefferson’s actions toward the execution changed from the beginning of the story to the end of the story. At the beginning of the text Jefferson begun to be very unresponsive towards his counselor/teacher Grant, the two didn’t get alone because of them not being connected. “After a while he raised his head, but he didn’t look at me; he looked at the barred window.” (Gaines 82.)Jefferson’s attitude towards Grant showed the disconnection their relationship obtained. Jefferson’s attitude also displayed how unbothered he was when Grant would try to communicate with him, causing them to get into the argument concerning Grant’s girlfriend Vivian. At the end of the story …show more content…

Grant did not understand why he had to visit Jefferson and teach him how to become a man before he died. Because of that, it causes confusion between the two characters. “What do you want me to do?” I asked her. “What can I do?” “It’s only a matter of weeks, a couple of months, maybe.”(Gaines 13.) This quote shows that Grant had a huge problem with understanding why he had to teach a human being such non-sense at the time. Grant not understanding made it harder for him to deal with what Jefferson was going through before the execution. Leading towards the execution Grant became more as a friend to Jefferson. He understood the situation Jefferson was going through better, which made their connection stronger than before. “How’s

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