Examples Of Conformity In Edward Scissorhands

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Our civilization as a whole prides itself on the adoption of utopian like characteristics. These are derived from our supposedly unparalleled development of our societies and one of its fundamental pillar of order. Yet, we seem to neglect the fact that we share almost identical concepts of order in society as our primitive ancestor tribes. We pride ourselves on our ability to impose order on our ‘modern’ societies and yet throughout history and even today, we consistently witness instances of anarchy that have directly contradicted the values of which we have formed our societies upon. However, it remains biologically instinctive that we seek order within our lives, this is the fundamental mechanism engraved in our human nature that has facilitated …show more content…

In one of the dinner table scenes, Edwards is presented with an ethics question from Jim involving the ethically correct course of action when finding a suitcase full of money which Edward proceeds to answer, “I’d use it to buy gifts for my friends and loved ones.” - Edward to which the young boy replied: “You dope, everybody knows he's supposed to give it to the police!” - Kevin. This is an example the effects of the implementation of conformity to social constructs in which everyone in the society but Edward understands thus pressuring him to follow suit. This implementation, however, works as Edward shows his request to conform as depicted through his televised interview when he made a request to meet with a surgeon that would assist with his condition, “But if you had regular hands you'd be like everyone else. “ - Audience Member #3 to which Edward replies, “Yes, I know”. The implementation of conformity to fulfil our desires of maintaining order and its importance is heavily explored in the novel LOTF. Through the progressive deterioration of order as a concept due to the lack of the instinctive implementation causes the manifestation of our beast within in the group of boys thus turning them into savages and is depicted in Golding quote in the novel, “The world, that understandable and lawful world, was slipping

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