Biological Factors In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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When it comes to the novel, Lord of the Flies, some of us will readily agree that the boys’ immoral and savage acts exposed at the end of the novel, demonstrates the evil that lives naturally within humankind. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of was the cause for the boys’ immoral and savage conducts a biological or an environmental factor. Whereas some are convinced that biological factors are to blame, others maintain that the situation or the environment is to blame for their behavior. In my own view, both factors are to blame for the boys’ immoral and savage behavior, but the environment the boys’ where force to live had the most impact on their actions. Being deserted on an unknown island can cause any individual to experience a variety of emotions all at once; from fear, to anger, and then excitement. To make matters worse, the boys had a whole new lifestyle and concerns that they must cope with, added on top of their overwhelming emotions. For instance, the boys suffered from lack of nutritious food, unsecure shelter, lack of security, and adult supervision. According to Ralph, many of the boys’ are frightened because of the situation there’re in, which is causing them to have constant nightmares (Golding 52). Clearly, trying to cope with these lifestyle changes and concerns can …show more content…

Society as a whole, learns from each other, and adapt to the norms around us. In this case, the uncivilized environment the boys’ were forced to inhabit, enable them as well as taught them to act viciously, which eventually encouraged the other to do so as well. Without a civilized environment, most people would not be able to control the evil that naturally lies within human kind from

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