Examples Of Corruption In Hamlet

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“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” (Act 1 Scene 5 line 90). Corruption, if left unchecked, will continue to spread, shattering the social order. This is true in William Shakespeare’s, Hamlet. Greed and the thirst for power become the invitation for corruption. Moreover, corruption is further developed through manipulation. As a result, corruption manifests itself as tragic revenge. Not only corruption can lead to greed, selfishness, and having thirst for power in today’s world it can also be found in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Greed and selfishness are the leaders of corruption. In Hamlet, Claudius’ thirst for power leads him to murder his brother and takes the throne. The unnatural inauguration of Claudius is proved to be an example of corruption when the ghost says, ‘the fat weed That roots itself in ease on Lethe wharf.” (Act 1 Scene 5 lines 33-34) where the ghost compares Claudius to a “fat weed” that will ruin the garden of Denmark. As a result, Claudius’ influences target Gertrude’s virtues, and make her oblivious …show more content…

Ophelia responds to Polonius’ requests without resistance. For example, Ophelia easily gives away Hamlet’s love letters that. This shows her lack of appreciation towards Hamlet’s trust and love be being easily manipulated. In addition, Polonius’ corruption flaw Ophelia’s innocence when she agrees to let her father eavesdrop in on her conversation with Hamlet. Likewise, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern allow themselves to get manipulated by blindly following the crown. This is shown in the quote, “But we both obey, and here give up ourselves, in the full bent, To lay our service freely at your feet To be commanded.” (Act 2 Scene 2 Line 29), and proves that they do not value the friendship between themselves and Hamlet. Once more, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern’s false loyalty is proven when they knowingly agree to send Hamlet to his

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