Examples Of Daisy's Love In The Great Gatsby

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Gatsby’s Dream In the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, one of the main characters, Jay Gatsby, spends his life trying to win over, “his love”, Daisy Buchanan’s status. Gatsby and Daisy had fallen in love before the War and before she was married to Tom Buchanan. Throughout the novel, Gatsby bases his life around impressing Daisy to, supposably, win her “love” back. Gatsby’s dream was to gain Daisy’s status because he had more of an obsession over her rather than true love, he does foolish things just to get her attention and make her believe he is worthy of her, and his romantic gestures are rather just a show for her. Gatsby’s obsession over Daisy and her status was all disguised by his “true love” for her. He changes his whole

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