Examples Of Explanatory Model Of Mental Illness

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[TYPE THE COMPANY NAME] Explanatory Models of People about Mental Illness S.J.Sangeeta R2014MH010 9/18/2014 Explanatory model: Explanatory model is an explanation for what purpose and in which way a thing works or we can say it is an explanation for a phenomenon the way it is. It does not give a complete explanation of the reality of the thing and even it does not claim to be fully accurate. The explanation should get fit in context to the thing or phenomenon, so that the explanatory model becomes useful. The explanation of an explanatory model should be helpful to make a decision and to explain the reality of the world around us. Mental Illness: Mental illness is a state which is not developmentally or socially normative in nature. It is a significantly deviant thoughts, emotions, cognitions and behaviors which interfere significantly with an individual’s functioning in personal, cognitive, emotional, family, social and vocational area. Abbreviations: Introduction: Mental illness is the major contributor to the global burden of the diseases worldwide. Although mental health is an integral component of total health but still it is largely neglected field. The aim is to know the existing explanations about mental illness among general public. World Health Organizations(WHO)reported in 2002,154 million people globally suffered from depression,25 million people

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