Examples Of Fear In The Crucible

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The 17th century were known for its witch hunts and trials in Salem. A Puritan society with strong hatred towards anything of witchcraft. The fear instilled drives the town, leaving moral of the people to be hysterical. A fear that leads people to purposely, find anything out of place to be blamed on certain group leaving them marginalised in society. Fear influences people to act irrationally and give the response of flight or fight. My curiosity of fear originates from today society, words we would hear within the book are all too similar to things we hear now. In modern society, we hear it every day happening both in Australia and the US, the phrase “We are in danger of being swamped by Muslims’ similar to the society of Salem, the town …show more content…

In the Crucible John Proctor is well liked man in the town of Salem. John has a very high reputation in town. John is in a dilemma that if he were to confess of his affair with Abigail this would blacken his names. I have seen personally in modern society, teenagers have to an internal battle, going through great stress and depression, as themselves they do not want to be torment because how society views LGBT. They are afraid, afraid of what connotation of being a LGBT will bring them in their lives. This thought leads onto the idea of flight or fight. Fear is a strong emotion which leads to the fight or flight response is when your mind need to save yourself or runaway. Fear is apparent in people’s choice to their extreme actions, it may cause some to confess something they didn’t do, or accuse others to save their own lives or name or keep silent. In act one Miller shows a repeated cycle of flight responses, in this act Abigail is being questioned for what the girls have been caught doing in the forest, as pressure starts to build Abigail

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