Scout's Maturity In To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

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“ you never really understand someone until you consider things from their point of view.” (lee 36) While standing on the front porch of the radley's place scout reflects on the past two year’s, from arthur's point of view, she finally understands what atticus taught her in chapter three. In to kill a mockingbird scout begins to mature in a way, this does not even begin to occur until the end of the story in chapter 31. Scout is young 9 years to be exact , but she is starting to pick up things here and there on little life lessons atticus has taught her. An example of this is when scout is asked by arthur to walk him home, but she wants to be respectful, she takes him home arm in arm as if he were being a gentleman. Arthur does not understand …show more content…

When scout treats arthur like a child, “ it's okay he is sleeping, you can pet him.” Yet a few moments later we see her change her mentality to a more adult mindset rather than this childish mindset she is exposing here. Although scout has her mature moments she still acts in a childish example of scout acting of age is when she is easily pusuaded to fight walter cunningham on the school playground. Scout is acting like the typical 9 year old, but she try’s to act like she understands everything. She realizes that growing up is a significant stage in life, yet scout is not old enough to understand it or how to act on it.scout is having an internal conflict with her child mentality and her desire to act …show more content…

She imagines, and reflects on the past two years, she sees it from a point of view she has never seen the neighborhood before. This is when scout learns the biggest lesson Atticus tried to teach her in chapter 3 “you never really understand somebody until you look at things from their perspective.” (lee ch 3) Scout now thinks that her and jem have learned everything they need to know. Except algebra. This just proves that she is indeed thinking like a child and still hasn't completely figured out growing up. After mentioning how scout heard everything while she was sleeping and how the book was “ real nice.” Atticus comments “most people are, scout, when you finally see them.” “Like Boo?”. Scout is being sarcastic and is subtly telling atticus she finally understands what he meant. She has matured significantly in this chapter alone presenting that she is starting to view things in a different light so to speak.Scout has a better understanding of who Arthur really is, and what kind of person he

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