Examples Of Individualism In Anthem

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A New World Order, In An Old World You are not important, you are alive only to serve your fellow brothers, you must not be different. In Anthem, Equality 7-2521 lives in a collectivist society with these rules, these boundaries and others like them.”We are one in all and all in one. There are no men but only the great WE, Once, indivisible, and forever,”(19). Individualism is a forgotten concept, hidden from the people. Equality grows up with a superior intellect and ambition than all others around him, so the Council of Vocations assign him to street sweeper in the hope that Equality will give up his thirst of knowledge. He starts becoming self-aware and everyday for three hours he sits in a secret tunnel accumulating new knowledge. He …show more content…

I ask none to live for me, nor do I live for any others. I covet no man’s soul, nor is my soul theirs to covet.” Equality is saying that he doesn’t owe anything to anyone and that he should only do something for someone on his own accord. The society’s rules dictate the absolute opposite. People live only for each other there, It is a sin to live for yourself, to be an individual. People are taught to be useful to their fellow brothers only. This mindset makes any work or punishment seem moral to everyone, the same way a warrior is ready to risk his life for his kingdom. Equality says that happiness should be its own goal for people. This way of thinking does not allow for real emotion. Equality would not keep any of these rules because they differ from his thinking of personal goals and feelings. Still, others think that rules would still be kept in Equality’s new world. The society has rules that Equality will keep. Stealing is against the rules. Stealing is sinful and Equality think so as well because it is immoral. Lying is also against the rules, Equality would keep this rule as well for the same reasons. The rules against killing is the same way. The problem with this thinking is that these things should be a given for their immoral use. These rules would be in every society regardless of other beliefs. These rules should not count because they are nonspecific to this

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