The Role Of Injustice In Our Society

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Injustice- when someone with more power treats someone with less power unfairly. In our society we've seen injustice and the different situations it could pop up in. Although our society has grown and mostly accepted the changes, injustice is still something that's around. May it be about the injustices females face or the colored communities and their struggles. Our society is changing and it is starting to understand and fight these problems. Day by day people are trying to get the government to understand that we see the injustices in the everyday life. We can and are fighting the injustices that women and colored communities have faced. To begin with, these past few years it can be seen that society has learned to view the women kind as more than just a baby making machine. Although there is progress in what society thinks women do and contribute to society. For years, women were…show more content…
The women and colored communities fought for what they believed and made a change in the world. The young people in our society are making their own changes and adding their own ideals. Our society is changing and we can't really know if it is for the good or bad. But we can have hope that our youth is doing their best to bring a better tomorrow. The changes that our ancestors went through to get to where we are now were worth it. We will always see our society change and maybe we don't like what it's turning into but we have to have hope that it will be something amazing. We the people of the United States have to come together and accept and help bring a even better tomorrow then our ancestors brought. We have to join and accept our diverse community and use it to our advantage. When we do that our changing society can form even better ideals and creations which will only bring better things to our
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