Examples Of Innocence In Lord Of The Flies

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Innocence is only shown unless yourself or someone else tarnishes it. Those who tarnish other’s innocence still show innocence in a way. Those people are innocent to the idea that the innocence is being taken away and they are to blame. In Lord of The Flies, Jack tarnishes the boy’s innocence by exposing them to savagery. William Golding proves that without rules to live by, people will eventually become savage. Savagery is more present when people 's innocence slowly fade away. When Jack brings the boys hunting, the boys do not know what to do since they have never been exposed to that behavior before. Jack makes it seem okay to disrespect what they kill to the point where the boys look insane. The boys not only kill the pig for its feed but to mutilate it and decide,”This head is for the beast. It’s a gift”(Golding 137). The boys now know the only way to properly kill things is to kill their prey at its weakest moment. The boys had only known that their food had come from a grocery store. Thanks to Jack, the boys will forever be reminded of the time they killed a sow while she was nursing her children. People do not know how to survive without proper guidance but, the worst guidance is from those who do not know what is right from wrong. The boys do not know how to fend for themselves on their own. Ralph had gone…show more content…
The boys start from not even knowing how to hunt, to killing a nursing mother who was completely defenseless. They start tellings kids such as Piggy that health issues only get in the way of fun and, they should be disregarded completely. The boys including Jack go as far as killing Piggy and Simon without mercy until adults tell them what they had done. By the end when the adults arrive, Jack does not even take responsibility for leading the boys. He realizes that by taking the innocence of the boys in such a terrible way, he would forever ruin the boy’s
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