Examples Of Loyalty In Beowulf

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“A hero is a man who is afraid to run away.” Although some people claim their parents or their teachers are their heroes, they are wrong. As opposed to a hero being someone that cares for others, it is someone who is brave, loyal, and strong that refuses to run away from danger. Their bravery draws them towards danger. Their loyalty provides a reason for them to fight. Their superb strength allows them to carry out their insightful plan to conquer their villains. In addition to modern super heroes, Anglo-Saxon super heroes are brave, loyal, and very strong. In Beowulf, an epic poem with an unknown author, Beowulf sets a precedent for all super heroes. As the first documented superhero, Beowulf exemplifies bravery, loyalty, and superb strength. To begin, Beowulf displays bravery throughout the epic poem Beowulf. This is because he is always prepared to …show more content…

This is because Beowulf expresses strong support for his king and a strong belief in his God. First, Beowulf displays loyalty to his king by fighting Grendel using only his hands. Beowulf did so because he believed his “lord Higlac might think less of [him] if [he] let [his] sword go where [his] feet were afraid to.” To elaborate, Beowulf believes that his king might not respect him as much if he uses a weapon, so Beowulf fights Grendel using only his hands. This shows Beowulf’s loyalty to his king, whom he supports his king through his actions. To continue, Beowulf is loyal to his God throughout the epic poem. This loyalty is evident when Beowulf asks God to grant him the request to “alone and with the help of many men, may purge all evil from [Hrothgar’s] hall.” Evidently, Beowulf’s fixed loyalty to his God leads him to help his God fulfill his duty. Additionally, Beowulf thanks his god, the “Ruler of the Earth,” numerous times. Without a doubt, Beowulf displays loyalty throughout the epic poem

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