Examples Of Manipulation In 1984

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The author, John Allston, once stated, “If you don’t control your mind someone else will.” The idea of allowing someone to control your mind is expressed all throughout the novel 1984. This idea is represented through total manipulation expressed within the government. While without some manipulation citizens would be out of control, governments should not have total manipulation over people, because it creates a lack of individuality, it allows for constant surveillance breaking the trust of many, and it erases all opportunities to express creativity. To begin, individuality of citizens is stripped due to manipulation expressed within governments. While Winston is addressing his neighbor Mrs. Parson he thinks to himself , “You were supposed …show more content…

Orwell states, “If somehow you could cheat the telescreen and get him alone” (pg. 14). The telescreen is used as a symbol to represent the party’s motto that “Big Brother is always watching”. The telescreen is a perfect representation of the manipulation within the party. The party wants to be able to control everything going on and the only way they can do that is if they are able to see everything that is going on. The telescreen is like a security camera in a store. The security cameras are used to be able to monitor everything the customers are doing within the store just like the telescreen. Security cameras are put in place because stores are unable to trust their customers to not go against the rules they have set in place, just like the telescreen. Due to the fact that the citizens are aware that everything they do is monitored they are unable to have any privacy. With a lack of privacy they are unable to build trust with anyone because you never know when a kid could be watching you waiting to tell the party or a telescreen around that corner that you never saw. Privacy is an important aspect in being able to trust, without it the world is open up to many more lies and

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