Examples Of Mistakes In Romeo And Juliet

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Mistakes Made in the Name of Love Many were responsible for the downfall of the two star crossed lovers. William Shakespeare's renowned tragedy Romeo and Juliet, makes its way as a great classic of the romance genre. It tells the tale of the two forbidden lovers, Romeo and Juliet, which because of impossible the circumstances and poor decisions, they take their own lives. Capulet and Friar Lawrence came to be the two most at fault, because of Capulet’s choice to have Juliet marry another man, and the Friar’s dreadfully bad decisions in marrying the two secretly and giving Juliet the fake-death potion. Capulet wanted the best for his daughter throughout the play but despite this, he showed a great degree of ineptitude when it came to making …show more content…

Capulet’s dominant demeanor over his daughter can be shown when he speaks to Paris about marrying Juliet, “I think she will be ruled in all respects by me. Nay, more, I doubt it not.” (3.14.13). Capulet stated that Juliet will do whatever he says because he is her father. Capulets idea of having Juliet marry Paris is one that although forced, is because he believes Paris would be the best husband his daughter. Juliet on the other hand did not have any desire of doing everything her father tell her to, making way for a major conflict between herself and her father. Juliet came to a point where she was on her hands and knees begging for the marriage between herself and Paris to not take place. Juliet made it explicitly clear to her father that she had absolutely no desire to marry Paris, but her begging came to no avail. Capulet refused to agree and began threatening her by saying, “But if you will not wed, I'll pardon you. Graze where you will, you shall not house with me!” (3.5.99). Capulet threatens to throw his own daughter out, if she doesn't marry Paris. Juliet in return was forced to agree with the marriage to Paris, but she had no intention of marrying him. She exclaimed she would die before a marriage

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