Examples Of Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity

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Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (NGRI) is a form of insanity defense that allows for an individual to not be found guilty of a crime due to a mental defect or disease that results in a lack of mens rea, or the capability to intentionally commit a crime. However, simply having a mental illness or defect does not guarantee that an offender will be found NGRI. Not only would a defendant have to have a major or severe mental illness or disease, but the defendant would have to prove that their condition impaired them so greatly as to not have any control over their behavior or any concept that they had done anything wrong at the time of the offense. Although Bob undoubtedly had a diminished capacity for logic and reason in this case, the example as given does not provide enough detail to determine the nature of Bob’s personality or his potential motives in committing this crime. Nevertheless, there is one major flaw to Bob’s insanity defense: he tried to hide the crime. …show more content…

In order to be found NGRI according to the M’Naghten Standard, for example, Bob would not only have to be diagnosed with a mental illness or defect, he would also not have the ability to reason that he did anything wrong. Even under the ALI standards, Bob would only be found NGRI if he was able to prove that he was absolutely incapable of behaving within the confines of the law or that he was unaware of any potential wrongdoings as a direct result of severe mental illness or disease. If Bob truly lacked mens rea in this case, there would be no need to hide the cooler when police came to talk with

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