Examples Of Perspective In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In a world filled with judgement and criticism, people struggle with this on the daily. Always having an opinion about every little thing. Whether people choose to share or not that is their own perspective and everyone’s is different. A person can never have judgement for a person, until they can physically feel and see what they go through each and every day. In Harper Lee’s To KIll A Mockingbird she expresses the theme of perspective throughout the whole book, using her characters in the story to express this. To Kill a Mockingbird shares several different perspectives especially with its characters, including one of the main characters being Mr. Bob Ewell. Mr. Ewell has a very interesting character in this book and causes a lot of trouble for the town of Maycomb. When it comes to Mr. Ewell’s perspective in this book, he has a very judgemental one, and …show more content…

With Jem Finch being one of the main characters, his perspective shows up a lot through the book. Especially when it comes down to the Tom Robinson case, Jem gets very passionate and protective towards this case. Jem and Scout were raised by Atticus, to have manners, to not have harsh judgement, to give everyone a chance, and accept people for who they are. Jem shows this a lot when it comes to Tom’s case, he strongly believes that Tom is innocent and should not be charged in anyway. When someone is to bring up the case around Jem, he tries to shut them down, he does not like hearing about it. Tom was found guilty and was soon killed after going to jail, and that hit Jem very hard, he was very tore up about it. In the book Jem specifically says, “No sir, they oughta do away with juries. He wasn’t guilty in the first place and they said he was.”(295) Jem constantly throughout the book claims that Tom is not guilty and wants it to change, and doesn’t know how to except that the jury said different and that’s how it has to

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