Examples Of Power In The Book Thief

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The Power of the Individual

Humans are exceedingly complex and unpredictable creatures, that are capable of great and inconceivable things. The power that the individual holds, goes unrecognised by many, allowing those that do comprehend their singular potential to bring about tremendous change. This power, when recognised, can just as easily be exploited for evil as it can be used for good. The ideas of the power that an individual holds and the capacity of the human race for both extreme good and evil, is prevalent throughout The Book Thief by Markus Zusak and is especially evident through the character Liesel Meminger who is represented by a bright red human heart surrounded by words as well as the hearts of others. Throughout the book, Liesel discovers the power that words hold and uses them to help her cope with the hardships of living in Nazi Germany as well as to silently resist the dictatorial rule of Adolf Hitler. In the face of extreme evil accompanied by enormous authority, the ability to recognise one’s potential power allows an individual to express their own opinions and build relationships which aids in the ability to persevere and survive the adverse conditions one is living under as well as reduce the power of the oppressor.

In The Book Thief, Liesel’s discovery of the power of words lights a fire and curiosity within her that drives her to steal books, but also allows her to see the world in which she is living, in a new light. She is no longer blindly

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