Examples Of Prejudice In Jasper Jones

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The novel Jasper Jones (2017) written by Craig Silvey set in 1965 in a small town located in Australia is a story about a mixed-race Aboriginal boy named Jasper Jones who is automatically blamed for every misfortune that befalls the town Corrigan. Jeffery, on the other hand, is a Vietnamese boy who faces exclusion from the cricket team members due to his nationality despite his talent. Similarly, Jeffery’s family experiences racism from not only groups or individuals but the whole town. Throughout the story, the reader can see the novel Jasper Jones shows the result of bias on individuals or groups and how it affects their lives. It follows the challenges of Jasper Jones being blamed for everything bad that happened in Corrigan, Jeffery getting discluded by the cricket team because of his nationality, and Jeffery’s family facing prejudice by the town. This essay will highlight the harsh result of prejudice. …show more content…

Jasper Jones was always blamed when something terrible happened in Corrigan because he was the “outcast” of the town. So, when Laura died Charlie’s father knew that “Corrigan [was] going to accuse him of this.” Even though the town had no evidence they would still accuse Jasper, no matter “what he says. His word isn’t worth shit” He was Aboriginal, so everyone treated him differently and didn’t respect him so that caused him to be the outcast and different. Jasper not wanting to go straight to the police after finding Laura’s body because he thinks he’ll be blamed shows the impact of the town being prejudiced toward

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