Examples Of Pride In The Crucible

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Greta Banks
English 11

Crucible Essay

In Arthur Miller's book The Crucible. He had two type of pride the good pride and the bad pride. The good pride is the one that you would sacrifice yourself for it , and the bad type of pride you would sacrifice someone else to keep your reputation , and yourself out of trouble. Pride is a sense of one’s dignity and with pride comes action ,it causes reactions, and emotions.
John proctor had the good type of pride , He had the type of pride that led him to sacrifice himself to preserve his name and honor. When John tears up his fake confession of being with the devil , he is allows himself and other to get hanged , but he his also forgiving himself for all of the wrong that he did to himself and his family, John Proctor wanted to live but he didn’t want to be another name added to the list of confession of witchcraft ,for …show more content…

His pride however , led him to stubbornly contribute to prosecute innocent people rather than admit to the wrongdoing. His pride was the cause of many deaths in Salem , Massachusetts , in 1692. “Postponement now speaks a floundering on my part” (Miller 129).Judge Danforth feared that if he postponed the hanging than he would look weak. The only postponement that Judge Danforth gave was to Elizabeth proctor when they found out that she was pregnant and until she delivered she is safe. “I will let her be kept another month ; and if she begin show her natural signs , you shall have her living yet another year until she is delivered- what you say to that? John Proctor is struck silent. Come now. You say your only purpose is to save your wife. Good , then, she is saved at least this year , and a year is long . What say you , sir? it is done now . In conflict , proctor glaces at francis and giles. will you drop the charges”(Miller 92). The only thing is about the postponement is that Judge Danforth will not drop the charges against

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