Essay On Progressivism In America

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Progressivisms Changes Throughout America Progressivism is a vastly important topic in one’s life and today’s government, and it affects every person’s life more than they may even know. Progressivism started in the United States, a country filled with corruption and greed, but its ideas looked to release our country from these terrible ideas and bring in a new age of progress. Its ideas have continued to help the U.S. reform and review laws and other regulations in order to give our country 's government, and its people, relief from the trap of bad leaders and those leaders making poor decisions, which affect everyone in a negative way. Progressive ideas have led our country to elect better leaders and, with those better leaders, use them to make the …show more content…

struggled with its form of government, along with who was involved in the decision making for the people, but Progressivism and its ideas took action to make a change for the greater good. Early off before progressive ideas began to take action within the government, there was an over abundance of corruption and greedy leaders inside the core of our government and its hierarchy. This results in a poor country for the entirety of the early 20th century until progressivism comes along with its new ideas to decrease the corruption in the U.S., and its policies to make our government stronger and more focused on the people. Once it finally gets its chance after the Great Depression and World War, people finally realize the vastly fulfilling effects it has on their lives, it begins to blow up. It gains popularity and thrives during the 20th century up till now during the early 21st century with the Obama administration. It will continue to thrive throughout many more presidents and leaders within our government because it is based around the people, and it is for the people. Progressivism started out by quickly gaining popularity, but it will continue its rise for many years to

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