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Impulsive: “The edge of my hand was touching the golf club, and with a single motion I swept the club over and down, struck it a savage and accurate blow and killed it.”(paragraph 6, page 151) Mr.Morgan killed the large without thinking, he couldn’t control his emotion. At that moment, he didn’t think too much, he just wanted to kill that “terrible” ant in order to keep himself safe. He even did not think about whether that large ant was evil or not. “Swept”, a simple action can reflect his impulsion. Sensitive: “All three men were watching me, and suddenly I was on the defensive. ‘I didn’t know! What do you except when you see an insect that size?’”(paragraph 17 page 155) From the mood of Me.Morgan, he couldn’t control his emotion because three men was watching him. He felt embarrassed when others watched him. Also, Mr.Morgan did not want to be “central people” in this incident. From page 152, A simple “Oh”, Mr.Morgan …show more content…

I am like a great many other man, and do the things they would do and just as thoughtlessly.”(paragraph 2 page 150) In Mr.Morgan’s heart, he wanted to be a kind and nice man. In his daily life, He got along well with others and gave other good impression. However, he was also violent because he showed no mercy to the large ant. According to page 157, he wanted to disassociate himself from the death of the large ant. He thought the large ant must have a weapon, so that it is reasonable for him to kill the large ant. Also, he thought it was an accident which can make him feel less guilty. He tried to find excuse to cover his compunction. However, he finally acknowledged his fault and wanted to judge himself as a criminal. Reader can know he has conflict with himself. He was a person who wanted to be a good man, but his fear stimulated his violence.

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