Morgan's Central Ideas In Chief Joseph Speak

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Based on the reading and research that took place throughout the unit altogether, the conclusion of agreement has been met with Morgan’s central ideas because the famous figures aren 't the only ones who made history take place, the common people did also. In the speech “Chief Joseph Speak…,” the Nez Perce tribe became a big contribute to the westward expansion because they came to the conclusion that instead of fighting with the white men they would try to make peace with them (Nez Perce Chief P4 L22-24). In the chapter “Reporting to the president, September 23- December 31, 1806.” Lewis finally arrived at Washington and reported his seeing of which he had seen while exploring the land they had bought from France. The text states “And the …show more content…

In “Chief Justice Speaks...,”he states “They do not pay for my country now overrun by white men.” the author is stating this to show how much the authority the white men had over the indians and since the indians have power over them, the indians are irrelevant throughout the situation. “The great adventure of the Kiowas was a going forth into the heart of the continent”(Momaday P3 L3-4). Momaday presents this quote to the reader to give them an idea of how much of an impact that they only had on their country. “He praised Lewis for ‘the difficult and dangerous enterprize which you have so successfully achieved.’ The voyage ‘has covered with glory, yourself and your gallant little band.’”The author is showing that the citizens knew Lewis was the only person who had helped explore the west expansion. “Thomas Jefferson, the quintessential American dreamer, whose vision of the future republic had from the beginning stretched over the mountains to the Mississippi Valley, perhaps over the farther mountains to the great harbors on the Pacific, had called his envisioned nation ‘the Empire for Liberty’” (P3L1-4). The author is showing how big Jefferson’s imagination was and how he was the only person who came up with his

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