Examples Of Racism In Africville

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Africville is a prominent black community on the southern shore of Bedford Basin, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. It had four hundred residents, most escaped from slavery in America and saw Halifax as a better place to live than in slavery. The African Canadians knew that the white people had a better life than them since white people could have any job they want, they earned good pay, they were hired for jobs easily, lived with better health care, and their kids would have the best education, they received good households, all white people were treated equally, and white people`s life expectancy was longer than black peoples. In this situation, Africville was a place where all black people could be together but be excluded from the other …show more content…

They cannot face the truth of human equality because it reveals the horror of the injustices they commit.” This quote is quite related to what was happening in africvillesince the people who lived there were victims of racism of the authorities. An example of this is 1854 where some houses were removed for the construction of the Intercolonial Railway. The authorities did not take care of a number of houses that were demolished in the process of their success and need of themselves. In 2010 Peter Kelly and HRM give a public apology. Another example of racism is towards African Americans. Sometimes when the salves would become free they would get a job in the city, but still with that they still couldn’t express their feels on certain topics, they couldn’t carry any kind of gun, and they were prohibited from meeting with white people. In africville black people were grouped together to insure control, band support over them. “Negroes are almost entirely a working people. There are pitifully few Negroes millionaires and few Negroes employers”. Those were the truly wise words of Martin Luther King, Jr they mean most Afro-Americans or Canadians don’t get the same privileges as other nationalities, yet we work as hard as them maybe even harder. All these are sign that …show more content…

People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” This quote is related to what was happing in Africville in view of the fact that the white people of the time didn’t fancy black people and probably wanted them to meet their death. One of the ways they did that was they would pay black people low wages or no wages as they felt. The hardest part was that 65% of the people living in Africville worked domestic chores. Even with the little money they would get the government would still place municipal taxes in them. It almost got too much for the people of Africville in 1863 that they had to petition the government for financial aid to support teachers because they had no money for building a school and paying for all the teachers and staff that help in the school.With all that begging and asking, the first school was only established 20 years latter 1883. The Halifax city council was very narcissistic in 1948 when the community of Africville funded for water and sewer services which they approved but never did the work on the water or sewer.That was a very mean way of taking hard earned money for themselves to use instead of placing it where it belong in the Africvillians water and sewer

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