Social Work Case Study Corey

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1. Even with our medical advances, the United States ranks 29th because of lack of health care for some individuals but also the lifestyle Americans have. Another reason is that class statuses correspond with our health outcomes. What I meant about this, is that lower and middle class individuals are exposed to more health threats than higher class. This is the connections between healthy bodies and healthy bank accounts and race/ethnicity. Higher class individuals live in better neighborhoods which have a higher life expectancy. 2. One of Corey’s Anderson life stories that exemplify a high demand/low control and a stressful home situation is when he is explaining his job. Corey has a limited control over his job. His job requires him to …show more content…

First off, Jim Taylor is a CEO in a hospital. He makes a really good income and lives in a really good district. He lives in a district where he feels safe, where he can run and do exercise, and even wait for a deer to pass by in the morning when he is on his way to work. Jim Taylor thinks about himself a really healthy person. His wealth, power and statues gives him six more years of life expectancy than Corey Anderson, and four more years than Tondra Young. 4. One example of everyday racism would be a police stopping a car because the driver is a person of color. This impact my personal health because I will be judge by the color of my skin and the way I look. For example, in the state of Arizona. Officials have the right to stop any driver they suspect of being an illegal immigrant. Another example of everyday racism is a person of color going to a store and the owners thinking that we are going to steal something. An example of structural racism would be when a government agency decides to build affordable housing which will house low income Latinos and African Americans. They tend to choose an area where the crime is high, where there’s no jobs or transportation. Because of this, people of color lose opportunities in education, quality housing, and good paying jobs. This would impact my personal health because I come from affordable housing. Luckily I was able to attend college but some of my family members don’t have the same chance as

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