Road To Redemption

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The Road To Redemption
When seeking redemption it 's never easy it 's a long and sometimes dangerous road for the character Amir in the Kite runner His road of redemption is filled with danger After seeing something horrible happen to his friend in the ally and not doing anything to help amir is filled with guilt for most of his life until he finally gets his chance at redemption after many years he is asked by an old friend to save the son of the boy he had betrayed all those years ago this is why Khaled Hosseini’s novel, The Kite Runner, teaches the reader That It’s never too late to get redemption through Amir and his guilt and his actions.

When amir was young he witnessed something horrible and he felt extremely guilty about the actions …show more content…

This is what Amir wanted all along someone to hurt him like he did to Hassan and finally got his wish and now he feels redeemed.

Though it took a while, in conclusion, he did get his form of redemption and that 's the whole book Amir 's Redemption story and how he got there may it be karma or one 's guilt that pushes them to events that can give them redemption and The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini shows that redemption isn 't an easy thing to gain it takes a while maybe days month or years but anyone can gain redemption and Amir is the perfect example through the years he feels guilt for what he 's done and in his own way looks for redemption and then after many years of waiting he finds

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