Examples Of Segregation In American Movies

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The Desegregation of American films. Untangling the truths behind not only the reality of segregation but the implications of it through various pop culture examples, has been a long time struggle. Martin Luther King Jr. was an inspirational public speaker who was not afraid to state his mind. During this time it was frowned upon to say your opinion if it was in opposition to segregation. Throughout various films, segregation is shown in a multitude of ways. It is apparent that whether it is blatantly shown or implied the idea of segregation being a social norm is obvious to the viewers. In 1978, The famous theatrical film Grease was introduced to Americans all over the country. It is a love story between two individuals from opposite ends of the spectrum. To begin the story already has an implication of segregation by it being an “only white” high school. Within the film the references to gangs, The T- Birds for the boys and The Pink Ladies for the girls, already has a negative tone against African Americans. For example The T-Birds dressed in all black leather, associating them with the African American race, and having the audience perceive them as “bad”. On the other hand The Pink Ladies were dressed in all pastels and very light color, …show more content…

The original film was created in 1974. Within this film it was purely a white cast. This was done for a reason. The antagonist Tom Buchanan, is depicted as evil or bad because he appears on screen in only dark attire. On the other hand Gatsby dresses in white to show his goodness in the movie. FInally there is Daisy who is a mix of good and evil so she is portrayed in not only dark colored clothing but also in light colors. Segregation has been shown through color, and various shades with the hidden meanings that we are taught, dark colors represent the bad with light pretty colors represent the

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