Examples Of Social Determinants Of Health

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What are considered the determinants of health and health outcomes within the model?

The social insurance model ensures that government programs provide universal health coverage to all populations, and all individuals are freed f from all the health financial burden, including those with a physical disability, those with loss of income with advancing age, those who have been laid off, and all life other setbacks. Within the Social Insurance Model, healthcare services' accessibility, cost, and standard of care are important determinants of health outcomes. Improved health outcomes are a result of adequate coverage for and access to important services like preventative care, diagnostics, and therapies. Social insurance programs assist people in obtaining the services and resources they need to enter the workforce and succeed, as well as in meeting their fundamental requirements (Longley, 2022).

Thus, the social determinants of health focusing on the social insurance model include access to health care and coverage. This covers access to primary health care, health literacy, and health insurance coverage. Within this model, the accessibility, cost, and level of healthcare services are important determinants of health outcomes. Health outcomes are enhanced when basic services …show more content…

These elements include social support structures, educational attainment, employment status, poverty, and income. Health outcomes, health behaviors, and access to healthcare services are all significantly influenced by socioeconomic level (WHO, 2003). Similarly, a healthy neighborhood and lifestyle determine health. Health within the Social Insurance Model is influenced by a variety of elements, such as housing quality, transportation, access to healthy food, water quality, usage of tobacco and alcohol, amount of physical activity, dietary practices, and adherence to advised screenings or

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