Suspense In The Sound Of Thunder By Ekels

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You’re watching a show. The character is in a canoe floating down the river. All the sudden there is a cliff with water rushing off of it. The waters speed up and the character is getting closer to the cliff. Then the show cuts off. You anxiously start the next episode to find out what happens to the character. This is called suspense. Suspense is the feeling of being excited or anxious uncertainty about what will happen next.These three stories have suspense. The first story is “The Sound of Thunder,” by Ray Bradbury. Ekels, the main character, goes back in time to kill dinosaurs but breaks the rules and messes up current day. The second story is “Pancakes,” by Joan Bauer where a perfectionist waitress named Jill was the only person working when many people came in at the same time. In the end, Jill’s ex-boyfriend and his mom ended up helping out Jill. The last story is “The Cop and The Anthem,” by O. Henry. Soapy, the main …show more content…

In the beginning of the story, the instructors inform the hunters the rules and warn them to follow them. When the instructor tells the hunters about the rules, it creates suspense, making the readers want to read to the end to find out if any of the hunters actually will break the rules. In the whole journey, the instructor repeatedly told the hunters not to walk off the path. This event foreshadows that someone has to walk off the path, making readers interested to read more to find out if one of the hunters actually walks off the path. On the same token, the instructor reminds them frequently not to harm any living things unless they were told to do so. This event foreshadows that one of the hunters will harm a living, messing up history. This creates suspense because the readers would want to find out if someone actually killed something they weren’t supposed

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