Foreshadowing In Ray Bradbury's A Sound Of Thunder

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The theme of Ray Bradbury's "A Sound of Thunder" is enhanced by his use of foreshadowing throughout the story. The story follows a man named Eckles on his journey to the past on a hunt for a real dinosaur. As the events in the past unfold, Eckles ultimately alters the future forever by taking a small step off the Path. The path is there to make sure the time travelers do not affect the future. Unfortunately, Eckles learns the true consequences of his actions when he returns to a changed future. After reading the story, the reader gains insight on the interconnectedness of our present and our future. The choices we make can have a great impact on the destiny of the world. Through foreshadowing, Bradbury makes this theme clear to the reader. The first instance of foreshadowing occurs when Eckels thinks back on the advertisement for Time Safari Inc. The advertisement is keen on describing the excitement of returning so far into the past when the universe is in its humble beginnings. Eckels thinks to himself, "A touch of a hand might do it, the merest touch of a hand." He is referring to how it only takes a touch of a hand to send them soaring into the past. However, this line foreshadows the importance of our actions and their effects on the future. Eckles stepping off the path is just like the touch of the hand on the time machine. At first, the little bit of dirt on Eckles …show more content…

The foreshadowing that happens throughout the story points to the interconnectedness of all actions. The example of the hand and the time machine, as well as others, plant the idea of interconnectedness before the reader even knows the outcome of the story. This is effective in predisposing the reader to the theme. The preview of the theme through foreshadowing makes the reader interpret the plot more clearly as the story concludes. Ultimately, this leads the reader to a realization that all actions, no matter how big or small, shape the

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