Symbolism In All Summer In A Day

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In All Summer in a Day, Ray Bradbury uses symbolism, similes and plenty of vivid description to show the hope the children have for a brighter future and their need for change. First of all the author uses the rain to symbolize many things, while at the same time dreaming is used to symbolize hope, and the sun is a symbol portraying each child’s bright future. Similes are also extremely important as they show the desperate hope and need for a bright future. Furthermore with these types of author's craft Ray Bradbury uses repetition. However it does not go along with hope as well as the other pieces of author’s craft that have been mentioned previously. Lastly the brilliant use of description is huge, especially when it comes to the hope, and demand for a brilliant future. First of all it is easily seen in the story how Ray Bradbury uses symbolism. Right off the bat Ray Bradbury explains how eager they are for the sun, after describing the constant rain they are constantly acquainted with. The rain is all they know just like the life they are living now is all they know, however they each have a great hope that they will make it out okay, with many exceptional things to come. While …show more content…

The description in this short story illustrates how there is a lot of rain and then vividly paints a picture in the reader's mind about how the children dream, they are full of desire for the sun. Ray make it crystal clear how much the kids need the sun however they can not retrieve it. The sun seems so far, especially with all the rain it is implied that that each child’s hope has been washed away by the rain until we the sun, after all the waiting they get what they needed what they were waiting for and desired. They were desperate held on and made it, this is all confirmed because of the excellent description put into this short

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