Examples Of Syntax In Lincoln's Inaugural Address

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With the beginning of his second term and the Civil War coming to a close, President Lincoln was burdened by a country torn apart by war. Speaking to a nation of divided loyalties, Lincoln hoped his humble approach of divine strength would convince both the North and the South to put aside their prejudices against each other and restore the shattered Union. Lincoln’s allusion, parallel structure, and syntax helped restore the nation with dignity and grace. The newly elected president began his speech by suggesting that he would not repeat what others have said in the past; little progress had been made, and the public was very aware of the negative progress the troops were making. Instead, he focused on the reasons why the war began. Lincoln appeals to …show more content…

Furthermore, Lincoln explains how the issue with slavery was the reason behind the whole conflict, for it was clear that neither side was willing to give up their stance, and war inevitably began. However, neither one of the parties anticipated the length or severity of the war, nor did they realize how intense of a role their faith would play in its duration. Several times throughout the speech, the president makes biblical allusions, suggesting that God had played a part in the war, which forces the listeners to be reminded of how God – and faith – was part of the war and its causes. The parallel structure is another example of how that the president added appeal to his speech, and by using the same types of phrases and repetition of certain words, the president drew the audience to listen to his every word. In one particular instance, the president repeats the words ‘He’ and ‘His,’ emphasizing how much God was involved in the war. And though the North and the South disagreed on almost everything, they did have a common characteristic - they both prayed to the very same

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