Examples Of Technological Advancements In The 1920's

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The 1920’s kept Americans busy with everyday tasks, but even the common people would soon come to realize the advances of modern technology that would forever change their lifestyle. Daily tasks such as washing clothes, mass communication, and even transportation would be made easier through new inventions of this time period. Many advancements were made in the areas of appliances, informational and entertainment devices, and automobiles. This new technology would improve the way of living for people and would forever change history. People were provided with many new conveniences that they were not afforded before. In the 1920’s there were several inventions that impacted the way many people operated in their day to day life. One of the …show more content…

The automobile had just started changing people lives so they could live more in the “suburbs” (Nielsen). A famous inventor of the car was Henry Ford and his creation of the “Model T”. He paved the way for more inventors to attempt to make a gas powered automobile (pg 11-12). This caused gasoline companies to raise the prices of gas, because they knew that it would become a necessity to everyday life (Nielsen). From the gas prices rising, the number of people with cars started to decrease because they could not afford the outrageous prices of automobiles and gas (Nielsen). So Ford started to make “ownership a reality for many who were previously unable to afford a family vehicle” (pg12-13). This was accomplished through the concept of the assembly line. “The assembly line combined the efforts of many people completing one job and together they made the whole” (pg 11-12). Ford found a way to build more efficiently and was able to drive the price down of his Model T (Nielsen). Ford’s profits skyrocketed due to the vast quantity of vehicles sold for a lower price instead of fewer vehicles being sold at a higher price (pg 11-12). Ford was able to change the entire landscape of the United States. As the vehicle became more affordable people traveled more and further than ever before

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