Examples Of The Unjust Reasons And Influence Behind This Court Decision

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Richard Bruno Hauptmann Incorrectly Convicted:
The Unjust Reasons and Influences Behind This Court Decision

Madelyn M. Von Wald
Department of English, Harrisburg High School
Composition 250
Mrs. Jessica Berg
May 19, 2023

Richard Bruno Hauptmann Incorrectly Convicted:
The Unjust Reasons and Influences Behind This Court Decision A jury condemned an innocent man to his death eighty-six years ago and his guilt still comes into question to this day. Investigators falsely accused Richard Bruno Hauptmann of kidnapping and killing baby Charles Lindbergh Junior. Someone had kidnapped the child, son of Anne and Charles Lindbergh, and was assumed to have held him hostage for over a month. A truck driver discovered his body near the Lindbergh …show more content…

Several obvious suspects worked from within the house that night. For instance, Colonel Lindbergh put his faith blindly into those who worked for him (Linder, n.d., para. 15). However, several events proved him to have placed it incorrectly. Violet Sharpe, the maid of the country home, created a perfect example of this because her alibi changed several times. In her first interview with the police, she claimed to have met with an acquaintance and went out with another couple, but she could not remember any names. In her next interview, she remembered everyone's names and everything about the day in perfect detail (Violet Sharpe, 2020, para. 6). Furthermore, she committed suicide before her final interview, demonstrating a sense of guilt for her …show more content…

To begin, the Lindberghs’ high status drew attention to the trial and caused people to think well of them. Colonel Lindbergh set a record for the fastest non-stop flight across the Atlantic, making him one of the most famous people in the United States at the time (Townsend, 2022, p. 5). The attention he received from the flight brought massive amounts of awareness from across the United States to the trial. In addition, Anne Lindbergh, his wife, was the daughter of a senator who could have become president had he not died before given a chance to run (Linder, 2023, para 18.). Combining Anne and Charles’ respected status provides reasoning for why people would attempt anything in order to bring them justice, including accusing and executing the wrong man for kidnapping their

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