Explain How Each Of These Are Necessary In Developing One's Social Capital

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Robert Putnam emphasizes the need for both bonding and bridging. Define what these terms mean and then explain how each of these are necessary in developing one’s social capital. Use examples from the text. You may include personal examples AFTER you have fully answered the necessary components of the question.
Bonding and bridging are both branches that are needed to form a social society. Bonding is a social tie that links people together with others, who are primarily like them along with some key dimension. Bridging is a social tie that links people together with others across cleavage that divides society such as race, class, or religion. Bonding and bridging are necessary in developing one’s social capital. However, Bonding is good for undergirding specific reciprocity and mobilizing solidarity. For example, church-based women’s reading groups. These groups brings people of the same race and religion across class lines. This seems to make things uninteresting. In contrast, bridging networks heterogeneous groups. Bridging allows different groups to come together as one. The civil rights movement is great example of bridging. This allowed people to exchange ideas among groups representing diverse interests. We show that bonding social capital has a negative effect …show more content…

A true narcissist display the constant need for attention. This behavior is excessive and inappropriate. For instance, when females dress with less clothing they plan on getting attention from guys. This is highly inappropriate, but she’s begging to be the center of attention. Self-infliction is also a way people seek for attention. They physically harm themselves so people can surround them with attention. This isn’t the smartest idea, but attention is a major behavior narcissist develop over time. According to the “Narcissist Personality Quiz” the constant need of attention doesn’t apply to me. Being the center of attention has no purpose. People who feeds off attention will face many

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