Brotherhood In The Open Boat

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The bond of men or brotherhood as one would call it, is one of courage and loyalty. There is nothing quite like the friendships built with those that work together, or presumably spend a lot of time together. There are many reasons as to why this bond, is one that can last a lifetime. The memories and experiences shared are ones incomparable. The tragedy and sorrow that can come is overwhelming. However, the moments of triumph and overcoming obstacles is one best lived with fellow friends. In the short story, "The Open Boat", these four men experience the true perks of brotherhood. Even though the tides have turned for them and their boat, their bond and courage help them get through the murkiest of waters. To begin, the four characters have …show more content…

No other feeling can be as sweet and great as the one experienced with the boys. This short story infers that they probably did make it back to shore, with all four of the characters help. The text shows this triumph in the final paragraph. "The correspondent thought that he had been drenched to the skin, but happening to feel in the top pocket of his coat, he found therein eight cigars. Four of them were soaked with sea-water; four were perfectly scatheless. After a search, somebody produced three dry matches, and thereupon the four waifs rode impudently in their little boat, and with an assurance of an impending rescue shining in their eyes, puffed at the big cigars and judged well and ill of all men. Everybody took a drink of water." This being said one can only infer that the four men in their brave attempt, made it to shore. The feeling of triumph is one of the underlying themes of brotherhood, and is shown beautifully in this text. Clearly, the story of "The Open Boat", has a huge theme revolving around brotherhood. It shows the four characters bond, working together through a life or death situation. Each character doing his part to ensure the triumph and survival of each other. The triumph is made even especially amazing when experienced together. Each man on that boat gave it their all to help the cause. This story shows brotherhood and friendship at it's finest, and captures every moment

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