Narcissistic Definitions

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Narcissistic men and women are so self centered and self indulgent that they see friends and lovers as mere extensions of themselves. They are obsessed with flattery and demand to be adored and have attention to themselves at all times. Unfortunately, these narcissistic types are very seductive and you may at first be attracted to them without realizing what you are stepping into. Because their egos are so very fragile, they constantly crave attention which eventually puts their partner at risk of being on the loosing end of the relationship. To help you with some tips on identifying whether or not he or she is a narcissistic type, ask yourself the following questions: 1. Does he or she loose interest when they are not the center of attention? …show more content…

Are most conversations about them, whether you try to change the subject or not? 3. Is your partner always fishing for compliments? 4. If you criticism him or her, do they literally fall apart at that criticism, especially if it refers to their looks or their mistakes? 5. Do you catch them talking about all of their supposed 'lost loves ' whom each seemed to have had major flaws in which he or she had to break up with them? 6. If he or she is not getting special treatment or constant attention do they get mad or have a temper tantrums? For example if when they are not waiting on fast enough in restaurants, or did not get the best seats at the movies, are they

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