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What was religion like for the Zuni? In religion for the Zuni tribe, they found that everything in it was very sacred. They were very religious and they prayed numerously. They believed in multiple gods like The Sun Father, and the Moon Mother. These were two very important figures in their religion.
The Zuni native Americans were a very religious tribe. Everything inside their religion was sacred. They were a tribe that prayed constantly throughout the day. They believed in multiple gods, like Greek Mythology. Two of the most important were the Sun Father and the Moon Mother. The Zuni also had to give offerings to their gods to please them, because they believed it would help them in the long run.
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Some are public, others are secret. All Zuni were required to attend. The Zuni feared that if they did not do the ceremonies correctly and on the specific date, the gods would be angry. Each kiva group normally dances four times a year (summer, prior to the harvest, prior to the winter solstice, and winter proper) (Everyculture.com).
Their Gods and Importance Within the Zuni supernatural order, "The Ones Who Hold Our Roads" (which is what the Zuni called them) are supreme. These are the Sun Father and his wife, Moon Mother. Earth Mother is also of great importance. Another deity, Old Lady Salt, is Sun Father's sister, and White Shell Woman is his mother (or maternal grandmother). Other deities include Turquoise Man, War Gods, Beast Gods, and a number of kachinas…. (Everyculture.com). The Zuni often had sacrifices and prayed very numerously to their gods. They lived their life by respecting their gods very highly.
In conclusion, the Zuni tribe found religion to be a very important aspect for their prosperity and their whole way of life. Without their religion, the Zuni may not have been able to survive as

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