Explain Why The Framers Of The Constitution

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The preamble is a summary why the framers of the constitution made our government a republic. That the framers established the Constitution so that the united states would have better unity, have some equal treatment, have peace between each other, they would have a from a defense from intruders.
Article 1 section one tells us that the legislative powers will be granted to congress to make laws, but is separated in to two congress the senate and House of Representatives.
Article 1 section two informs us that every second year the House of Representatives shall have new members. If you want to run to be a representative of your state, you will have to be at the age of 25 years old and also has to be a citizen for seven years of the united States. To make it fair to the states, the states will elect their representatives based on their state’s population. When …show more content…

The president may also give suggestions to the congress. He must attend a meeting and meet with ambassadors and other heads of the state from other nations. He must also ensure the laws of the United States are carried out.
Article two section four explains how to remove the president from office (it is called impeachment).
Article 3 tells us how we establish judges, which is called Judiciary. They also decided if a law is allowable, or if it goes against the constitution.
Article three section one states that the Supreme Court is the highest court in the United States. That a judge will serve for life or until he or she wants to retires.
Article three section two informs us that congress says what case the Supreme Court may decide. In addition, this document also guarantees trial by jury in a criminal court.
Article three section three defines to us that without any question, what the crime of treason is.
Article four section one sates that all states will honor the laws of other states no matter

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