Comparing The Missouri Constitution And The United States Constitution

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Let’s begin with the very beginning The Preamble. The Missouri Constitution and United State Constitution start off with the preamble, explaining the people’s rights, as well as providing guidelines on how the government will be run. Both constitutions contain the bill of rights. The United States constitution Bill of Rights contain the first ten amendments, whereas Missouri has thirty-four sections. Together they have in common an executive, judicial, and legislative section. The Missouri Constitution and the United States constitution cover the same ideas including bills, taxes, and powers. The constitutions have an option to change and or add to them. The constitutions also contain a rule stating a certain amount of votes are needed to change …show more content…

Most changes to the Missouri Constitution have not occurred by the government action (by the people). It is on its fourth version of the constitution. Once Missouri became a state, its constitutions have been drafted during constitutional conventions and adopted by a vote of the people.
The United States Constitution, is more detailed than the Missouri Constitution. It has a larger focus on the working and rights under the United States government, instead of a state's government. It describes the forms of national government and the rights that the people have. Plus we still use the original constitution. Article three for the Missouri Constitution and article one for the United States Constitution is about the Legislative Department. Both of these talk about the legislative powers, House of Representatives, senators, qualifications, compensations, and election. The Missouri Constitution takes the article and breaks it into small more descriptive text compared to the United States constitution. The Missouri Constitution talks about the oath of office, elections to fill vacancies and the general assembly, however the United States Constitution talks about revenue of bills, powers of congress, habeaus corpus (taxes) and the powers denied to …show more content…

The United States Constitution covers topics such as judicial power, extent of judicial power, and treason against the United States. The Missouri Constitution talks about: Judicial power, supreme court, jurisdiction of the supreme court, superior courts to control inferior courts, rules of practice and procedure, assignment of judges, chief justice, transfer of cases or causes to supreme court, court of appeals, circuit courts, judicial circuits, judicial review, terms of judges, and retirement, removal and discipline of

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