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The world of literature and writing is one that is entirely vast and diverse. There are so many words—old words, new words, and words that have yet to be discovered. Some people chose the path of compiling these words into various stories, narratives, and informational texts, etc. These are the people recognized as authors. Some take on the path of going out into society and finding compelling and intriguing stories for the entertainment of others, and these people are known as journalists. Some chose the path of teaching words to others, and they are known as teachers, professors, and instructors. Other literary specialists, teachers, and authors look past searching for the jobs that offer the most money, or jobs that offer money at all. …show more content…

We can even look at the most distinguished book known as The Holy Bible. If we compare the language and word choice used in the Bible, it can be easily seen that the way words are used have evolved substantially. Another example would be that of the word choice in Shakespearian literature. In one of his most famous plays, Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare writes, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” In modern day a person would just say “It does not matter what your name is.” Historic literature has laid the foundation for almost everything that we read …show more content…

These careers are among some of the most important professions that have impacted the world in a major way. Good teachers have taught our presidents to read and write, laid the foundation for our surgeons to perform live-saving surgeries, and provided the basics to our judges and lawyers to keep criminals and delinquents off the streets. There are many people who consider teaching as a minor task, but an ample amount of time goes into becoming a successful teacher. They must take on the task of building positive relationships with their students, while simultaneously providing them with the materials and knowledge to be conducive in an ever-changing society. They must dedicate hard time and work just as in any other

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