F Scott Fitzgerald Crack Up Analysis

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No matter who and where people are, they face hardships and struggle for getting better in this or that situation. Writers try to cope with their scuffles by writing. Writing is one way of pain relief and also connection with those who keep up with them and their work. One of such writers was F. Scott Fitzgerald who wrote the collection of essays; the Crack-up that mainly gives the impression of being a monologue starving to be a dialogue. The author used the technique of simply addressing his ideas to the readers by breaking the formality. The masterpiece was Fitzgerald’s way of not only escaping the darkness that he felt surrounded by but also being helpful for those reading his essays. The crack-up contains Fitzgerald’s personal breakdowns that were the key to connection with the audience. He struggled to keep balance which lead him to making a masterpiece for his faithful readers and not only. The Crack- up was Fitzgerald’s way of sharing his philosophical ideas about life. “Of course all life is a process of breaking down, but the blows that do the dramatic side of the work the big sudden blows …show more content…

He opened his world of scuffles to the audience. It was his way of getting out of the depression yet his masterpiece also was an entertaining and deep source for others to read and try to overcome their own difficulties. Both authors who referred to his work not only analyzed it but also opened a new door towards understanding his perspective. Fitzgerald gave an insight look to his ideas about life, depression, melancholy and success. His success mainly depended on his intelligence and uprightness. The Crack-up not only is a great literary work but also a help for those struggling with the same as the author did; the depression. The symbolic nature of the essays was what made it look and sound very neat, the realistic approach is what gave it a power of understanding your own

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