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Francis Scott Fitzgerald’s reputation as a classical author has grown over the past few years. His are books are widely appreciated and read by people all over the globe. The life of F. Scott Fitzgerald can best be understood by the study of his childhood, education, and career.

Francis Scott Fitzgerald was born on September 24, 1816 into a Catholic family in the city of St. Paul in Minnesota (Wordbook 190) (Broccolis 1). His mother was Mary McQuillan and his father was Edward Fitzgerald (Bio 1). His family moved between Buffalo and Syracuse, New York due to his father’s job as a Procter and Gamble employee (Bio 1) (Broccolis 1). His father was dismissed from his job in 1908 so most of the financial wealth came from his mother when they had …show more content…

Scott Fitzgerald attended school at St. Paul Academy (Bio 1). He attended this school until he was 15 years old, then his parents put him into a Catholic school called Newman School (Bio 1). While he was there he met Father Sigourney Fay who pushed Fitzgerald to further advance into his writing career (Bio 1). His first writing appeared in a school newspaper when he was thirteen and the story revolved around a detective (Broccoli 1). After he graduated high-school he attended Princeton University in New Jersey to further develop his artistic abilities (Bio 1). While in university he wrote for the famous triangle club, stories for the Hassau Literary Magazine and articles for the Princeton’s Tiger Humor Magazine (Bio 1). During his academic probation, he joined the U.S army knowing he wouldn’t be able to graduate (Broccolis 1). His education and the people he met made him a better writer for him career later in the …show more content…

He was assigned as a second lieutenant at a camp outside Montgomery, Alabama at camp Sheridan (Bio 2). There he meet Zelda Sague, the daughter of a Supreme Court judge, and with her help Fitzgerald intensified his ability to write books (Bio 1) (Broccoli 1). He then went to New York to find fame and fortune in order to get money to marry Zelda, but she was unwilling to be patient so he went into the advertisement business (Broccoli 1). While he was in the advertisement business Zelda broke up with him due to the lack of money (Broccoli 1). After this he quit his job in advertising to rewrite his novel This Side of Paradise in St. Paul (Broccoli 1). After he finished, Maxwell Perking, an editor of Scribner in Jept accepted his book and over-night, the twenty-four year old Fitzgerald was known as one of the country’s most promising writers (Broccoli 1) (Bio 2). By publishing this book, it led to the generation of the Roaring Twenties’ (World Book 190). One week later after his book was published, He and Zelda got married in New York (Broccoli 1). The couple went on a money-craze rampage as new young celebrities, but they returned to Fitzgerald’s home town in St. Paul to have their daughter, Francis Scott (Scottie) Fitzgerald (Broccoli 1). Due to his playboy image, his reputation was put at stake as he wasn’t taken

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