Fahrenheit 451 Individual Vs Society Essay

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“In both literary and colloquial use [individual vs. society] refers to the tension or drama that results when an individual does not want to live within the confines of their culture or society” (Reference.com). In the novel Fahrenheit 451, Janie does not want to be held within the confines of society. This dispute takes place between Janie, the protagonist, and the African American society of the early 1900s. Hurston includes man versus society conflicts in her novel in order to demonstrate the impact society has on an individual. The first man versus society conflict that occurs in Their Eyes Were Watching God takes place after Janie’s second husband, Jody Stark, dies. When Ike Green confronts Janie about marriage, she replies, “Marry!... Joe ain’t had the time tuh git cold yet. Ah ain’t even give marryin’ the first thought” (Hurston 87). The phrase “time tuh git cold yet” refers to the amount of time a person has been dead. Janie’s use of the phrase informs the reader that her husband died not long ago. The exclamation mark used after the word “Marry” emphasizes Janie’s contempt towards Ike’s suggestion of marriage. Janie’s distaste towards Ike and society’s opinion …show more content…

During her marriage to Jody Starks, Janie is described as feeling like “... a rut in the road. Plenty of life beneath the surface but kept beaten down by the wheels” (72). Janie does not feel happy or lively during her marriage. Society, however, feels as though Janie should get married hastily because during the time it was commonly thought that every woman needed a man to look after her. Hurston demonstrates this idea when Nanny tells Janie, “Neither can you stand alone by yo’self” (15). Nanny’s statement underscores that the population does not believe that Janie can provide for

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