Fahrenheit 451 Lessons Essay

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A Book of Endless Lessons As the course of time runs our lives, the inhabitants of Earth rely increasingly more on the services of technology to perform our the tasks we face in our daily lives. Books are growing increasingly unpopular as modern interactive entertainment services advance. The society built by Ray Bradbury in Fahrenheit 451 inhabits a shallow human race at their weakest, living false lives within the walls of their television screens. When the protagonist, Montag, joins a group of wandering book lovers who have all memorized a book to preserve and pass down to the next generation, he is faced with the demanding task of choosing one book; however, if I were faced with the task of choosing one book for its meaning and contributions …show more content…

Because the novel is told through the innocent eyes of a child who lives in an accepting environment, the reader is slowly introduced to the racism in their community as she is exposed to some of the unaccepting people in her community, mainly when Tom Robinson, an African American man, has an undeniable case but is still convicted of rape. Reading the abusive words and thoughts of the people in this story not only reminds the reader of this dark time in our past, but also how far the United States has come. Learning and reflecting on the mistakes the people of the past have made is a crucial part of preventing future mishappenings. By simply forgetting the past, people allow the same mistakes to be made in the future just like the society in Fahrenheit 451. Understanding why the lessons of acceptance, bravery, and racism translate into our modern society and what it may become is a fundamental step in improving our civilization. Through the light-hearted humorous eyes of Scout Finch, To Kill a Mockingbird captivates its audience with entertaining tales, while touching their hearts with reminders of the dark past. These lessons are critical to living successful lives and improving the world people

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