Fahrenheit 451 Symbolism

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Once upon a time on a dark scary night all people could hear was crackling sounds. As the people wandered closer the bright orange and red flames caught their eyes. It was the fire of burning books or known as Fahrenheit 451. 451 stands for the temperature of which books burn. For instance the law is not to read books or have them for more than 24 hours. Also is about a guy who goes against it the law and starts to read the books. Should Montag be punished or not? People will have to read the books to find out. Anyway, nature plays an important role throughout Fahrenheit 451 by symbolizing, affects the characters, and brings the characters together. Nature can be used in abundances ways; it is shown throughout Fahrenheit 451 by symbolizing. Foremost when Clarisse said “I guess it was the last dandelions this year” (Bradbury 21). Also Clarisse says “loves to go on walks” (Bradbury 21). This stands or symbol that Clarisse loves to be outside in nature instead of being inside getting brainwashed by the tv (Bradbury 49). Another symbol is the …show more content…

For example, when Montag is burning the books (Bradbury 1). This makes Montag so ecstatic to burn the books. Nature is inserted in this sense because they are destroying the habits of people. One example of this is when the girl wants to die with her books instead of giving them up (Bradbury 40). This is affecting Montag because he destroying habits to people, but makes him so excited. Other reason is when Montag reach the river. Montag use the river to float down to escape from the hounds so he would get caught. Bradbury wrote that “Montag was floating in a sudden peacefulness away from the city and the lights and the chase away from everything,” (140). Montag was affected by nature because the river helped Montag escaped. This is how nature affected characters in the Fahrenheit 451, but so that not the only reason that helps the

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